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Amy Magazu



Train your mind to see the good in everything. POSITIVITY is a choice.


United States Patent

US 10,937,038 B2

Navigation system for managing utilization of resources

A Bit About Me

I am an experience designer with a background in art that spans over a decade. My love for art began when I worked at my dad's photography business at the age of 13. Since then, I have turned my passion into a career and have been practicing experience design ever since. My work is centered around functionality, user experience, and beautiful aesthetics. I collaborate with my team, product partners, and technology every step of the way to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Every project is an opportunity for me to showcase my creativity, knowledge, and dedication to the craft.

My Leadership Style

My approach to leadership is built on a foundation of motivation, inspiration, and passion. I believe that by creating a culture of trust through transparency and valuing each other's differences and quirks, we can work together to overcome any obstacle. I encourage risk-taking and defending one's choices with courage, while always appreciating our team and the value they bring to our work. With a focus on watching, learning, and doing, we can continue to build a culture where everyone feels safe to challenge one another and move mountains every day.

Work Experience

Bank of America
09/2011 - Present

11/2008 – 09/2011

07/2004 – 05/2008

As the leader of a team of 12, I am tasked with managing digital strategy and experience design programs. With oversight of creative direction and XD research, I ensure that our team is delivering an exceptional experience for our clients. My responsibilities also include timeline and resource planning, as well as sprint planning to promote efficiency and productivity. I am proud to be able to train new hires and provide mentorship to help everyone reach their full potential.

As an experienced experience designer and leader, I have gained expertise in creating detailed flow diagrams and high-fidelity wireframes that accurately represent the user journey. I am committed to delivering high-quality projects that exceed clients' expectations, and I believe that my track record speaks for itself. Learn more about some of the key projects I have successfully delivered.

I am a skilled and experienced visual designer with a proven track record of designing exceptional user experiences that drive engagement and results. I have been responsible for designing and managing several important patterns within the Vanguard Retail digital web design system, and have helped to design groundbreaking new features such as the Vanguard Financial Planning experience. My goal is to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also functional and intuitive, delivering a seamless user experience that meets the needs of the business and the user.

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