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How It Started...

Since the age of 13, I embarked on a creative journey in the realm of photography by assisting my father in his studio. Starting as an apprentice, I gradually climbed the ranks, from a second photographer to eventually becoming the lead. Despite my initial resistance, I now deeply cherish the skills I've honed and have cultivated a profound appreciation for the art of photography. Today, I continue to capture significant moments for friends and aspire to transform this passion into a thriving 'side hustle' to keep my skills sharp and provide a creative outlet alongside my daily routine.

My Side Hustle

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn't until my father passed in August of 2022 that I truly appreciated the gift he had given me. As I work on my side hustle, his memory and craft live on through me. I approach every shoot with the same level of care and dedication that he did, and strive to create timeless photos that will become cherished memories.

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